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Table Top Specification and Size


Fiberglass is known as a fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber. Since fiberglass is excellent material to withstand heavy usage, extreme weather (including moist and hot weather), chemical and it guarantee long term performance. Others features includes durability, fire-resistance, non-corrosive, light, cheap, easy cleaning and maintenance, pretty much explained why fiberglass is widely preferred materials in many applications.

Fiberglass has also proven to be an affordable option to outdoor and indoor furniture especially it is commonly used in Restaurant, Food court, School Canteen, Industrial Canteen, Office Canteen, Education Centre Canteen. Café, Kopitiam, Mamak Stall, Shopping complex, Lounges or Other Projects.  FIBERGLASS FURNITURE is a better option available as comparing to other material such as glass, plastic, wood, marble stone etc.  Furniture made up of glasses and stainless steel can be harder to maintain as it has higher shine features, it shows fingerprint and requires special cleaning tools. Glass furniture is susceptible to moisture however, it can crack and scratch from heat. Marble stone has higher risk of chip or crack depending how it was made, once this happen, it looks bad quickly and it can be tough to repair. Besides, fiberglass is much lighter comparing to marble stone and stainless steel, so it can easily movable and versatile in its placement. While furniture made out of wood is vulnerable to water, and non-fire resistance, and color might change due to affected by ultraviolet sunlight. Wood Furniture also can be easily damaged by sharp items, it may show obvious wear and tear after months of usage. If you still keen to use marble and wood as your design option, we can produce customized marble and wood surface fiberglass table sets that could resolve the durability problem. As replacement to many traditional material, FIBREGLASS reinforced plastic products have more advantages yet still priced cheap.

The best part of fiberglass is its ability to get moulded into various complex shapes. With our existing advance technology based on past 30 years of experience on assisting more than 10,000 customers in designing and customizing their fiberglass products, we can produce customized shape products with effective. Round, square and rectangular tables are the most common, so you’ll find the greater number of choices there with styles, sizes and extendable options. Throughout the years, we designed numbers of fibreglass sets series available to choose from. Our models available from Fiberglass 1 seater table sets, 2 seater table sets, 4 seater table sets, 6 seater table sets, 8 seater fiberglass table sets and Customizable Cafeteria Fiberglass Table Sets that could be as your reference and easily further customized based on your requirements to uniquely match with any theme of your business. At AK, we aim to produce quality fiberglass furniture at fair price. We focus our efforts and resources on the details to produce fiberglass furniture that generate greatest value to all our customers. Contact us to find out more now! Catalog available upon request. 
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